Jamb Use of English Likely Questions For Jamb 2019

2019 Jamb English Questions and Answers is what I shall cover today. Jamb 2019 is already here and every Jamb candidate needs an idea on what is likely to come out from Jamb use of English.

I have already covered hot questions to expect in Jamb 2019 Sweet Sixteen. You may also want to click here to go through my guide on how to prepare for Jamb in less than two weeks.


English Comprehension Passages For Jamb 2019: You will be given comprehension passages and asked to answer the questions that follow. The pattern of questions you get from comprehension passages are:

  • According to the passage, …
  • What is the mood of the writer
  • Which of the following can be concluded from the opening paragraph
  • The author at the point of narration should be
  • From the passage, what cases define a judge’s character?
  • What was the tone of the writer when he said…
  • Which of the following is the main topic of the passage
  • From the passage, it can be deduced that
  • “…….kick the bucket…”. This statement means?
  • From the finding of the research described in the passage, one can reason that?
  • Which of the following can be concluded from the closing paragraph
  • Which of the following can be concluded from the passage



Jamb 2019 Use of English Questions And Answers

Let’s quickly go through likely questions Jamb will set in Use of English this Year. Are you ready?

Question 1: Dele’s Speech at the naming ceremony made father ANGRY. Choose the capital letter that has the emphatic stress. Choose the options to which the given sentence relate.

  1. Did Wale’s speech at the naming ceremony make his father angry?
  2. Did Dele’s speech at the naming ceremony make his father happy?
  3. Did Dele’s silence at the naming ceremony make his father happy?
  4. Did Dele’s speech at the naming ceremony make his mother angry?


Answer: ‘Angry’ is in contrast with the emphasized word ‘happy’. So, the answer is B

Question 2: Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.


  1. measure
  2. breakfast
  3. west
  4. brave


Answer: The answer is D.

Question 3: Choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options. The stressed syllabus are written in capital letters.


  1. pro-fes-sion-AL
  2. pro-FES-sion-al
  3. pro-fes-SION-al
  4. PRO-fes-sion-al


Answer: The answer is C. Words that have base suffixes of -SION, -TION and -ATION usually have their primary stress on the syllabus before the suffix and this remains constant even if more syllables are added to the word.


Question 4: Choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options


  1. a-po-LO-gy
  2. a-PO-lo-gy
  3. a-po-lo-GY
  4. A-po-lo-gy


Answer: The answer is B. Four syllable words that end in -gy usually have their primary stress on the second syllables.

Question 5: Choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the underlined letter(s).


  1.  cannon
  2. darkness
  3. bipsy
  4. lighter


Answer: The answer is B

Question 6: Since the flight, Joy and Gift have refused to talk to …..

  1. each other
  2. we
  3. themselves
  4. one another


Answer: The answer is A

Question 7: we went home early, …..?

  1. we did
  2. shall we
  3. didn’t we
  4. didn’t us


Answer: The answer is C. A statement that has no auxiliary verb should make use of any of the operators do, does or did based on the number of subject and tense of verb in the statment.

Question 8: No one is there to reply, …….?

  1. are they
  2. is he/she
  3. are we
  4. aren’t he/she


Answer: The answer is A. A negative indefinite pronoun (like nobody, no one, etc) should take a positive question.

Question 9: The plan for the party ….. due to incorporation

  1. Fell through
  2. fell about
  3. fell out
  4. Fell down


Answer: The answer is A. fall through means to fail to happen while fell about means to laugh uncontrollably.

Question 10: We had to …….. the group headed by Taiwo

  1. sell off
  2. sell out
  3. sell up
  4. selled


Answer: The answer is B

Question 11: James and Henry were at daggers drawn when I knew them. This means they

  1. were good at drawing daggers
  2. always wore daggers
  3. were fighting everybody
  4. were always angry with each other


Answer:  The answer is D. If two persons are at daggers drawn they are very angry with each other.

Question 12: My book has become dog-eared through use. This means that

  1. the corners of the pages of my book are crumpled
  2. my book is designed like dog’s ears
  3. my book is torn
  4. my book is indispensable.


Answer: The correction option is A. This means that the corners of the pages of my book are crumpled.

Question 13: I had dinner with Tony and Nick and they talked shop the whole time. This means that they talked

  1. about their job
  2. all the time
  3. about buying things from the shop
  4. about taking me to the shop


Answer: The correct answer is A. To “talk shop” means to talk about your job (work) with, the people you work with.

Question 14: Choose the word which has the same consonant sounds as the underlined letter(s)


  1. wing
  2. swig
  3. gear
  4. sin


Answer: A is correct.

Question 15: Nearest in meaning(Synonym) ….. Bisi has become an indispensablemember of staff

  1. dedicated
  2. principal
  3. vital
  4. effective


Answer: The correct answer is C. To be indispensable means to be important or vital.

Question 16: Nearest in meaning (Synonym)… A  good leader is resolute in his decisions

  1. unbiased
  2. strong
  3. stubborn
  4. Firm


Answer: The answer is Firm. To be resolute means to be firm. Other synonyms of resolute are unyielding and determined.

Question 17:  Nearest in meaning (Synonym)… Mr Brown is often described as an astute businessman.

  1. shrewd
  2. miserly
  3. proud
  4. thrifty


Answer: The correction option is A. An astute person is someone who is clever and quick at seeing what to do in a particular situation. Such person can also be described as shrewd.

Question 18: Nearest in meaning (Synonym)…The collector could not tell whether the painting was genuine or not.

  1. valid
  2. authentic
  3. expensive
  4. reliable


Answer: B is correct. When something is genuine, it is real.

Question 19: Opposite in meaning (Antonyms)….. The test shows that the lumps are malignant

  1. numerous
  2. benign
  3. cancerous
  4. dominant


Answer: Benign is correct. Malignant means harmful. Benign is the opposite.

Questions 20: Opposite in meaning (Antonyms)….. The children await a severepunishment

  1. rigorous
  2. simple
  3. mild
  4. harsh


Answer: The correct answer is mild.


English Topics Jamb Will Set Questions From

Below are English Topics that Jamb will Set Questions from:

  • Comprehension passage
  • Sentence Interpretation
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Oral Forms: Vowels, Consonants, Rhymes, Stress, Intonation.
  • Idioms and meaning
  • Sentence completion
  • Cloze passage
  • Sweet sixteen
  • Question Tag
  • Correct spellings

More Words Words And Synonyms

S/N Words Synonyms
1 Astute Shrewd, Clever
2 Developed Advanced
3. Oblivious Unaware, Unmindful, Forgetful
4 Rampant Common, Frequent, Widespread
5. Entice Tempt, Persuade
6 Imperative Very important or urgent
7 Despondent Hopeless
8 Restrain Prevent
9 Impeccable Perfect
10 Impede Hinder
11 Skeptica Doubtful
12 Integrity Honesty
13 Inimical Harmful
14 Hamper Hinder
15 Impeccable Faultless
16 Eradicate Destroy, Remove, Eliminate
17 Loquacious Talkative, garrulous
18 Trivial Insignificant
19 Invaluable Priceless, of high value
20 Eventually Finally

More Words And Antonyms

S/N Words Antonyms
1 Kindle Extinguish
2 Remorse Unrepentant
3 Accidental Deliberate
4 Passionate Cruel
5 Innocuous Harmful
6 Admiration Disdain
7 Discrepancy Similarity
8 Obsolete Fashionable
9 Invaluable Worthless
10 Extinction Existence
11 Economical Extravagance
12 Snowballed Decreased
13 Incompetent Efficient
14 Fragile Durable
15 Seldom Often
16 Despondent Hopeful
17 Derogatory Complementary
18 Repudiate Accommodate
19 Anonymous Known
20 Cocky humble

More Idioms For Jamb English

S/N Idioms Meaning
1 For/in a month of Sundays for a very long time
2. The man in the street The ordinary man in the street
3 To be home and dry to be safe and successful especially after a difficult time
4 to strike while the iron is hot to make use of an opportunity immediately
5 to hit the jackpot to make or win a lot of money quickly and unexpectedly
6 to dance to somebody’s tune to do what somebody demands
7 to blow one’s trumpet to engage in self-praise
8 To stick to one’s guns to maintain ones’ natural inclination
9 A have a field day a day or period of great
10 to be in all fours to be supported
11 to make a killing to be extraordinarily successful
12 to burn the midnight oil to study or work until late in the night
13 to send one packing to send somebody rudely to go away
14 to keep something for a raining day to keep or reserve something for the day you may need it
15 at sixes and sevens in total confusion

Jamb English Recommended Books

You may want to click here to see the books I personally recommend that you read to blast Jamb use of English or continue reading for the books recommended in Jamb English syllabus for 2019.

Also, note that you are not to buy all the recommended books. One or two good English textbooks should be good for you. If oral English is not in your current textbook, then get one.

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