1.What is the title of chapter two of sweet sixteen?.
*ANS. The drive*

2. How many times did Aliya read her 16th birthday letter?
*ANS. Twice*

3. What profession did Mr. Bello mother involved in to earn a living?
*ANS. Petty Trading*

4. What nick name did Mr. Bello give his sister?
*ANS. Big mummy*

5. When does Aliya call her father Mr. Bello instead of Daddy?
*ANS. She calls him that whenever she wanted to get him to do something*

6. Aliya the greatest gift on her Sixteenth birthday was?
*ANS. The birthday letter.*

7. The name of the website which Aliya mentioned where things could be downloaded and her father had no knowledge of was?
*ANS. NetflixIn*

8. Aliya’s sixteenth birthday letter her dad wrote about their saturday outing, what was the main topic of discussion in that letter?
*ANS. Sex*

9. What is the name of the magazine that Aliya read that had the topic sex in it:
*ANS. Cosmopolitan.*
10. Who was the owner of the magazine cosmpolitan that Aliya read?
*ANS. Aunty Molara*

11. ”You better not get us killed ” Who said this and why?
*ANS. Mr. Bello when Aliya wrapped her arms around him in the car, he said so because he did not want to loose concentration and get involved in an accident.*

12. The nickname Mrs. Bello gave to her husband and child anytime they were arguing was?
*ANS. Tom and Jerry.*

13. What did Aliya buy as snacks on their Saturday outing?
*ANS. Vanilla , chocolate Ice cream for herself and Orange juice for daddy.*

14. What was the name of the eatery Aliya bought snacks from during their Saturday outing?
*ANS. Aunty Gigis.*

15. On Aliya’s outing with her dad what was she wearing?
*ANS. A pair of Blue jeans with a chelsea football club jersey with the writing first lady printed on the back which her dad bought fromLondon with sandals.*

16. ”You are going to be worst than your mom, he said with a broad grin”, come on lets go. Who said this and why?
*ANS. Mr. Bello said this when Aliya spent time to dress her hair to look like a lady which she claimed to be.*

17. Grandma said Aliyas house with fence looked like a ?
*ANS. Prison.*

18. To Aliya the girls she saw on the road selling oranges and groundnut in transparent plastic bags were having fun , why did she say so?
*ANS. They had freedom to go to anywhere they wanted and meet different people.*

19. What did Mr. Bello describe Aliya’s Innocent mind as ?
*ANS. A beautiful Room.*

20. One of the vedios produced by netflix according to Aliya was?
*ANS. House of Cards.*

21. What did Aliya’s father do to survive and guarantee a meal in his childhood days?
*ANS. Hawking of wares.*

22. On their journey they got to a junction and Mr. Bello was involved in bad driving , he raised his hands in apology but this was pointless why?
*ANS. Their rear window was tinted.*

23. To talk on Aliya’s menstruation her dad asked her a question to begin the conversation what was the question?
*ANS. ”What do you know about Menstruation”.*

24. Aside sex what did Mr. Bello advise his daughter not to be involved in?
*ANS. Bad friends, vulgarity, bad language and violence.*

25. Of all advise Mr. Bello give to his daughter which one was more emphasized?
*ANS.” Don’t let anyone touch your private part”.*

26. On their Saturday outing morning what made Aliya’s mom not to be at home?
*ANS. She was on morning shift.*

27. To Aliya her fathers letter made him her ?
*ANS. Prophet when she recalled the story of prophet lukman who God sent to teach his son.*

28. As Aliya read her fathers letter in totality what happened?
*ANS. She cried without knowing and had to dab the letter to avoid erasure of the ink*

29. Why did Aliya resolve to keep the letter for the nearest future?
*ANS. So she could show her children.*

30. During their Saturday outing the drove pass a van with an inscription on it , what was written on the van?
*ANS. No condition is permanent but at a glance read condition is permanent because some letters faded off.*